Stophe's Online Music stuff:

Live365 has a lot of good stations, and is pretty reliable.  I have a number of presets, but there are thousands of stations over many genres This is a cool site that tries to figure out what you like.  It is based on the Music Genome Project - a systematic accounting of songs that includes categories like "tonal melodies" or "female vocalss".   It is best when you have spent a little time giving thumbs up and down to songs it picks. I was using this when it was tied to my mp3 player.  It is somewhat limited compared to the other sites I have listed, but it is not bad. Playlist lets you look up a song in its database and play it. Sometimes you have to sort through a lot of crap (i.e. the 2 drunk guys on a web mic karaoke version of Hannah Montana's greatest hits) but I have had good luck finding original versions of many songs I wanted to hear.

here to check out my stations and profile on Pandora.